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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What made you set up this website?

Animals are my passion and helping pet owners with questions about their pets is super rewarding to me!

2. What pets do you write about?

We answer questions and write guides on all pets. We have different categories to help you find your favourite pet. These are Dogs, Cats, Amphibians, Fish, Rodents, Reptiles and Small Mammals.

3. Do you write all the content yourself?

I write a lot of the content but I also get lots of help from researchers, vets, other pet owners and writers. We are currently a team of 3 contributors to this blog. If you are interested in guest blogging, drop me a message!

4. How do I get involved?

Follow us on social media. Pinterest and Instagram are our biggest (and favorite) accounts and fill in your details below to join our newsletter where we run competitions, deals and give additional pet info.

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