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Are Tomato Frogs Poisonous? 

Are tomato frogs poisonous? 

A poisonous animal produces toxins that are harmful when the animal is touched or eaten, which is precisely what a tomato frog does, it releases a toxic sticky substance from its skin when a predator picks it up with their mouth. The substance numbs the predator’s eyes and mouth, releasing the frog immediately. The substance can cause an allergic reaction in humans but won’t kill them. 

Is it normal that my tomato frog is puffing up? 

Tomato frogs will puff up when they feel threatened, and this is totally normal behavior. They will look like a tomato, both in shape and color – hence their name. If your frog puffs up often, then you need to find out why your frog feels threatened. Are you trying to handle him? Are there other frogs in the tank or nearby? Is there another pet in the house? Find out what it is so you can make your frog feel more secure. 

Is it ok to touch tomato frogs? 

Tomato frogs don’t like to be handled and will secrete a toxic smelly white substance from their skin as they feel threatened when you try to touch or handle them. Therefore its best to leave them or to wear gloves when you need to handle them. 

How many babies do tomato frogs have? 

The females lay 1000 to 1500 eggs which will turn into transparent, filter feeding tadpoles within 36 hours. The tadpoles will develop for 45 days after which they metamorphose into froglets and between the ages of 2 and 4 years of age, they sexually mature. From the many eggs laid by the female, only a few will reach adulthood. 

What do you need to take care of a tomato frog? 

Your tomato frog needs: 

  •  A tank with a large floor space 
  • A tank filled with substrate 
  • High humidity living space 
  • Crickets and mealworms to eat 
  • Reptile calcium supplement  
  • Shallow dish with dechlorinated water 

Can tomato frogs be aggressive? 

Tomato frogs can be aggressive towards other frogs, though this is mainly in the mating season. If you have different sized tomato frogs in your tank, the larger one might attack the smaller one and eat it. So, if you want more than one tomato frog, make sure they have enough floorspace in the tank to have their own space and that they are both adult and the same size.  

What do tomato frogs look like? 

Tomato frogs have a beautiful deep red or sometimes orange color. They are about 2.5 to 3.5 inches long, with the female being the larger one. Males sometimes have more yellow in their color and both sometimes have black spots. Their underbelly is beige/off white. Pet tomato frogs are often more orange than red. 

Are tomato frogs sexually dimorphic? 

Sexual dimorphism refers to differences in size and shape between females and males of the same species, which means that tomato frogs are sexually dimorphic as the male is much smaller (2,5 inches) than the female (3,5 to 4 inches – occasionally 5 inches).  

Do tomato frogs fight till death? 

The only time tomato frogs might fight is in breeding season when they are fighting over mating partners. The mating season lasts from January to May.  

How can you comfort a dying tomato frog? 

For you to think your tomato frog is dying, there will be signs of illness, like weightless, not eating, not moving or spots on their body and the like. The best thing you can do at this point is to call a veterinarian as soon as possible to diagnose your frog and see if any help can be given. If not, then keep the temperature of the terrarium comfortable, remove any insects from the tank, don’t disturb your frog and leave it in peace. 

How much do tomato frogs eat? 

Juveniles will eat 4 to 5 prey animals per day while adults can eat 6 to 10 prey animals per day. All prey animals should be alive and can crickets, mealworms, super worms, night crawlers, or waxworms. Once a week spray the prey with calcium supplements and gut loading the prey will keep your frog in a healthy condition. 

How do you know your tomato frog is pregnant? 

Tomato frogs are not pregnant as they don’t carry live babies, they lay eggs instead. In the rainy season the female will have 1000 to 1500 eggs inside of her and when she mates, she will lay the eggs which will be fertilized by the male outside of her body. 

Does tomato frog spawn need to be in water? 

The male and female tomato frog position themselves in shallow water and lock into a position called amplexus, where the female can lay eggs (between 1000 and 1500) in the water and the male can fertilize them while she lays them. 

What plants do tomato frogs need? 

They like to hide under leaves, and they live in the rain forest in the wild, however tomato plants don’t need plants for anything if they can burrow or hide under a log. Many people keep plastic plants in the tank as purely decorative, as live plants tend to die quickly after being dug up by the frog consistently when thy burrow. The prey the frogs eat in the wild might need plants however, to hunt the smaller insects that they eat.  

Can tomato frogs eat cucumber? 

Tomato frogs are not interested in fruit and vegetables, they are carnivores and eat meat. They lay in ambush for their prey for hours, however gut loading is a method where the prey your tomato frog eats is given food high in vitamins and minerals which than ingested by your frog. 

Do tomato frogs eat fruit? 

They are carnivorous and don’t eat fruit on its own, however fruit is ingested by the frog when their prey is gut-loaded with fruit and vegetables. This is a method where you feed your frogs prey nutritious food high in calcium and low in phosphorous, goitrogens and oxalates. Oranges, black berries and papaya are good fruits to give.  

What can you feed your tomato frog? 

You can give your tomato frog only animals which are still alive, like night crawlers, horn worms, silkworms, crickets, small roaches and other types of worms and insects. Some people give pinky mice as well.  

Do tomato frogs eat butterflies? 

There are not many butterflies around, so while your frog is likely to eat a fluttering butterfly within reach, it’s best to stick to plentiful animals and insects like crickets or mealworms. 

Can a tomato frog live with a hamster? 

Tomato frogs can’t live with a hamster, not only because they need completely different food and living spaces but also because of prey-predator issues. A tomato frog should be living on their own or with another adult tomato frog roughly the same size.  

Can a tomato frog live with a chubby frog? 

If different frog species are put together in terrarium, there is a chance disease and paradises are transferred from one to the other which can make both of them ill and possibly kill them, besides that, if they are different sizes the larger one will kill the smaller one. A tomato frog should be living on their own or with another adult tomato frog roughly the same size. 

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