Are Boxer Dogs High Maintenance? 

Are Boxer Dogs High Maintenance? 

Boxer dogs are popular pets and are known for their loyalty, playful temperament and energy. However, you might wonder if their high level of energy makes them high maintenance dogs.

The answer is that Boxers can become high maintenance when they can’t get rid of their energy and if they have not been trained at all. Of course, the term ‘high maintenance’ is subjective, and it depends on the individual dog and the owner’s expectations and lifestyle if a boxer dog is considered high maintenance. 

Are Boxer Dogs High Maintenance? 

Boxer dogs are energetic and require a lot of exercise. They need long daily walks to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

A walk around the block will not be enough for them to use up their energy. Boxers are also social dogs, they often love playing with other dogs and crave human interaction. They are very loyal and enjoy their owners company, often following them from room to room.  

They don’t like to be left alone for extended periods of time either and some boxers may become destructive if left alone for too long. This makes a boxer a bad choice for people who are away from home a lot.  

Boxers are also prone to some health issues, which can make them high maintenance. They are at risk of developing hip dysplasia, which can cause pain and mobility issues. Boxers are also prone to certain cancers and heart conditions, so regular vet check-ups are essential.  

Additionally, Boxers have sensitive stomachs, which means that they can’t just eat anything as they can get digestive problems as a result. On top of that, if boxers are given food outside of feeding times they might start drooling whenever there is food around.  

Training a Boxer can also be challenging, especially for inexperienced owners. Boxers are intelligent dogs, but they can be stubborn and independent. They require consistent and positive reinforcement training to learn obedience and good behavior. Boxers are also protective of their owners, which can lead to aggressive behavior if not trained properly. 

Boxers have short coats that are easy to maintain. They do not require frequent grooming, but they do shed moderately throughout the year. Brushing their coats once or twice a week can help reduce shedding and keep their coats healthy and shiny. They also require regular bathing and nail trimming, just like any other dog. 

In conclusion to the question, ‘are boxer dogs high maintenance’, we have to conclude that boxer dogs can be high maintenance, but it depends on the individual dog and the owner’s lifestyle. Boxers require daily exercise, attention, and socialization. They also require regular grooming, bathing, and vet check-ups. However, with proper training, care, and attention, Boxers can be excellent pets and companions. 

What are the Pros and Cons of having a Boxer Dog as a Pet? 

We’ll explore the pros and cons of owning a Boxer dog. We’ll start by discussing the many advantages of having a Boxer as a pet, including their playful nature, their loyalty to their owners, and their protective instincts. We’ll also explore the potential downsides to owning a Boxer, such as their high energy levels, their tendency to drool and shed heavily, and their need for consistent training and socialization.

Pros of having a Pet Boxer: 

Boxer Dogs are Loyal 

Boxers are known for their loyalty and bond deeply with their human family. This makes them great family dogs for people who can commit to a boxer. They will wait by the door when you come home and often follow you around the house. Our boxer – Dexter – will check the rooms to see if everyone is tucked up in bed and follows me around all the time! 

Boxer Dogs are Energetic 

Boxers are high-energy dogs that love to play with other dogs. When boxers are socialized – which all dogs should be – they’ll love playing. Any dog who isn’t intimidated by their size is game! They like chasing other dogs, even though they can’t keep up with most of them as they are not built for running for long. However, they can easily walk for hours. They are great dogs for active people! 

Boxer Dogs are Protective 

They have a natural instinct to protect their owners and their homes. This makes them great guard dogs as they will raise the alarm when something is amiss. Due to the boxer’s fierce look and size, opportunists with half a brain will also skip your home.   

Boxer Dogs are Intelligent 

Boxers are a highly intelligent breed and can be trained to perform a variety of tasks. They respond very well to treats and are keen to please. This means you have an opportunity to teach your dog tricks and commands. 

Boxer Dogs are Good with children 

Boxers are generally good with children and can be a great addition to families with kids. They will protect your little ones and are very patient with them. An accidental pull on an ear will very seldom end in trouble. They are a bit clumsy though and may knock an unsteady toddler over from time to time! 

Boxer Dogs are Affectionate 

Boxers are known for their affectionate nature and love to cuddle and be close to their owners. They love cuddling up to you and sitting more or less on top of you.  

Boxer Dogs are Short haired 

Boxers have a short, easy-to-maintain coat and require minimal grooming. When they do shed, they are not long hairs, and a good vacuum cleaner will take care of that.  

Boxer Dogs are Playful 

Boxers have a playful, sometimes clownish, personality and stay puppy like for many years. They like running along with you and love playing with other dogs. Tug of war is one of their favorite games, so a good rope or tug of war toy is a necessity! 

Boxer Dogs are Athletic 

Boxer dogs are considered to be highly athletic. They are a medium to large breed with a muscular and agile physique, which is built for physical activities such as running, jumping, and playing. They are very strong so it’s important to train them to walk on the lead without pulling! 

Boxer Dogs are Friendly 

Boxers are typically friendly with strangers and other dogs, making them good candidates for dog parks and social events. As long as they are introduced to people and other dogs often and from a young age, they will be super social dogs! 

Cons of having a Pet Boxer: 

Boxer Dogs are Prone to health issues 

Unfortunately, boxers are prone to certain health issues, such as hip dysplasia, cancer, and heart problems, which can result in costly vet bills if not insured. Due to genetic dispositions, it’s important to find a boxer from a good breeder or boxer home and to see both the parents if possible.  

Boxer Dogs have High energy levels 

While their energy level can be a pro, it can also be a con for owners who are not prepared to provide enough exercise and stimulation for their Boxer. They require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. 

Boxer Dogs are Strong-willed 

Boxers are a stubborn breed and may require consistent training and positive reinforcement to learn good behavior. Luckily, they respond well to treats and are willing to please. Bad recall when playing with other dogs and pulling on the lead can be annoying. While refusing to get off the bed and making themselves super heavy with a complete look of innocence can be endearing and funny and makes many boxer dog owners love the breed.  

Boxer Dogs Slobber

Boxers are known to be heavy droolers, which can be messy and require frequent cleaning. This is especially the case when they are fed ‘human food’ and food outside of their bowl and feeding time. They also tend to drool when out and in need of water. Bringing a little water bottle or letting them drink out of a puddle or stream will remove the slobber. 

Boxer Dogs have a Strong Need for attention 

Boxers require a lot of attention and may become destructive or anxious if left alone for long periods of time. They thrive in environments where they have plenty of opportunities to run, play, and explore. After a good walk, they often just sleep and can be left alone at home for several hours.  

Boxer Dogs can be Chewers 

Some boxers have an urge to chew, and without proper outlets, they may chew on furniture or other items.  Making sure that your boxer is exercised well and is not left alone too often for too long will reduce or stop this behavior altogether.

Boxer Dogs Snore!!

Boxers are notorious snorers and will be the loudest ones in the house! This is due to their short snout and long neck. As long as their breathing doesn’t sound labored or wheezy, there is nothing to worry about.  

Boxer Dogs Shed

Boxers shed frequently, and owners may need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner to keep up with the fur. However, they have short hair and are relatively easy to deal with compared to many other dog breeds.  

Boxer Dogs have a Strong prey drive 

Boxers have a strong prey drive and may chase after smaller animals. If you have a cat, you might find that your boxer will chase your cat at every opportunity. Luckily most cats will figure out that when they stay still, the dog will leave them alone. However, if you don’t want your cat to be chased by your dog, a boxer may not be the right breed to go for.  

Boxer Dogs can be boisterous 

Boxers can be loud and boisterous, which may not be suitable for apartment living or for owners who prefer a quieter dog. When they want to play, they will let you know! They have a strong bark when playful and can be rough when playing.  

They also tend to fart a lot! 

Boxers have a sensitive stomach and when given the wrong food, or a change in diet, they can blow the roof off…. continuously…. Funniest thing is that they surprise themselves when they do it!

Biggest Downside of having a Boxer Dog:

But in truth, the biggest con of having a boxer dog is that they never live long enough. Compared to many other breeds, they don’t have a very long lifespan. Many boxer dogs live to be somewhere between 9 and 12 though that’s not always the case and seldom do they live longer. 

Pros of having a boxer dog vs Cons of having a boxer dog

In conclusion to the pros and cons of having a boxer dog:

Boxer dogs are not for everyone, and a strong commitment is needed to ensure your dog is healthy and happy. They need a good amount of walking and love to be around people. They can be boisterous and are super playful. The long playfulness and puppy-like behavior is one of the reasons why boxer lovers love them so much! They are dopey and stubborn which can be funny at times and annoying at others. But by committing to a boxer dog, you will have the most loyal dog you could ever wish for! 

When you walk your boxer dog you will often be stopped by people who used to have a boxer dog as a child. Once the love for the boxer breed is born, it’s hard to shake off! 

The Oldest Boxer Dog on Record: 

The oldest recorded Boxer was named “Belle” and lived to be 16 years and 10 months old.  

Belle was born in 1984 and lived in the United States until her death in 2001. She was known for her sweet and gentle personality and was beloved by her owners and many others in the Boxer community. Belle’s longevity was attributed to good genetics, a healthy diet, and plenty of exercise and mental stimulation throughout her life. 


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